Public Communications Award

Excellence in Public Communications Award (New in 2019)

The NCME Excellence in Public Communications Award is presented for media contributions, including social media, that effectively advance the public’s knowledge and understanding of educational measurement. Recipients may be recognized for a particular piece of media coverage published within two years of the annual NCME conference at which the award is to be presented, or for a distinguished record of disseminating knowledge of educational measurement to the general public over time. An award need not be given each year.

2021 AWARD

Eligibility: Although NCME members are eligible for this award, nominations for external candidates, such as members of the media, are encouraged. Individuals, multiple collaborators, or organizations are eligible for the award.

Submission details: A nomination must include: 1) A statement (up to 1,000 words) summarizing the contribution of the individual(s) nominated, including a description of context and a justification for why the work effectively contributes to the public’s understanding of educational measurement; 2) Examples (or links to examples) of up to three relevant media contributions (e.g., digital or print articles in newspapers or popular magazines, video clips, radio or television presentations); and 3) An up-to-date Vita for each nominated individual.

Awards: Awards are determined by the Excellence in Public Communications Award Committee and will be presented at the 2021 NCME Annual Meeting. The recipient of the award receives a plaque and a $1,000 cash payment.

Evaluation: The criteria used by the award committee include: 1) the impact of the contribution(s) on the public; 2) relevance to issues and practice within educational measurement; and 3) the accuracy and clarity of the educational measurement concepts disseminated through the contribution(s).

Nominations should be submitted by e-mail by January 20, 2021 to Billy Skorupski ( with CC to the NCME Awards Board Liaison ( and the NCME management group (

Past Recipients

  • 2019 Catherine Gewertz 

Committee Members