Honor a Mentor

Honor a Mentor

The Honor a Mentor Program, established by the NCME Mission Fund, is a way for NCME members to acknowledge those who have played an important role in our academic formation and professional careers. Our mentors inspire and guide us through sharing their expertise, providing encouragement and advice at pivotal times, and modeling the kinds of behaviors to which we aspire.

Great mentors encourage us to aim higher and achieve goals that might have been unreachable without their support.

The NCME Mission Fund strives to serve a similar function by providing research and travel grants to graduate students, early career faculty, and early career practitioners. The Fund also offers grants for research projects that align with NCME’s mission to advance the science and practice of measurement in education, considering proposals by scholars at all stages of their careers. Click here to read about currently funded projects. 

The Mission Fund invites you to share a tribute in honor of your mentor while supporting the next generation of thought leaders in educational and psychological measurement with your generous donation. In recognition of gifts to the Mission Fund’s Honor a Mentor Program, the honoree’s name, the name of the individual(s) or group(s) who submitted the gift, and your personal tribute will be displayed on this page. 

Honored Mentors


 Krista Mattern and Emily Shaw made a contribution in honor of Wayne Camara
"Wayne has been an amazing leader and mentor throughout our professional careers. His intellect, vast experience and knowledge of the testing industry, and his adept skill of  reframing any psychometric or research-related problem into a relatable metaphor so that non-technical audiences understand the issues at hand, are some of the traits that contribute to Wayne’s success.  We are extremely fortunate to have learned, and continue to learn, so much from Wayne."

Ying Cheng, Chun Wang, Yi Zheng, Rui Guo, Shuai Wang, Edison Choe, Hyeon-Ah Kang, Susu Zhang, Shiyu Wang, Haiyan Lin, Chanjin Zheng, and Ping Chen made contributions in honor of Hua-Hua Chang

From Ying Cheng and Chun Wang:
"We are deeply thankful for Dr. Chang's generous and constant guidance, which contributes significantly to our professional and personal growth."
From Yi Zheng:
"Dr. Chang has taught me so much and provided unique opportunities for me to develop a diverse array of skills, all of which are critical to my career success as a researcher, scholar, and teacher. Beyond being an amazing academic mentor, he also inspires and empowers me to thrive through challenges and live my life to the fullest."

From Rui Guo:
"Dr. Chang is the greatest mentor in both my academic and daily life.
He changed my life and is continuously impacting others."

From Shuai Wang:
"In honor of Professor Hua-Hua Chang, who mentors me and others like a father teaching his children, with patience and love."

From Edison Choe:
 "I couldn't have asked for a better mentor - thank you for your continued guidance and being a constant source of inspiration!"

From Hyeon-Ah Kang:
"Dr. Chang has been an inspiring mentor to many young psychometricians. He has been very supportive and dedicated to generating the next generation of scholars in psychometrics."

From Susu Zhang:
"He always provided us the most truthful advice and unconditional support."

From Shiyu Wang:
"Thanks so much for Dr. Chang's mentoring; a great advisor!"   

From Chanjin Zheng:

"The study experience with Dr. Chang at UIUC is the turning point for my career and life! He has been the inspiration to and model of my career as a scientist since then!"

From Ping Chen:
Prof. Chang has cultivated and mentored a lot of students and visiting scholars from all over the world. His enthusiasm, wisdom and countless efforts have made him a significant contributor to strengthening academic collaboration and exchanges between the US and educational measurement communities around the world."

Beth Adams and Lindsey Perry made a contribution in honor of Leanne Ketterlin Geller
"Leanne is an inspiring leader in measurement and assessment. We are grateful for her mentorship and appreciate her strong female leadership in academia. She focuses on rigorous assessment design and research with careful attention focused on teacher, parent, and student needs. She creates numerous opportunities to help and mentor early career researchers."

Cecilia Alves made a contribution in honor of Mark Gierl
"Mark is very committed to his work and fascinated with innovation in the field! Always striving to be one step ahead of the conventional Psychometrics. I am forever grateful for all his support and dedication during my Ph.D. For the countless hours reviewing my dissertation and for always providing guidance and constructive feedback. No other professional has ever invested so much time in me, and I am truly grateful."

Michelle Boyer and Daniel Lewis made a contribution in honor of Donald Ross Green
(in memoriam)
"We honor our mentor and friend, Donald Ross Green, by remembering his generosity, insightfulness, and support for the growth of students and his staff. Ross's spirit, passion, and character made him a kind, effective, and inspiring leader. His dedication to improving educational measurement was evident through his commitment to excellence and fairness in testing. He was passionate about his work and compassionate in his encouragement for the professional development and success of his junior colleagues. We miss him, but he left us with so much."

William Lorié made a contribution in honor of Edward Haertel
"To my guide in graduate school and beyond, who helped me find my way and who continues to inspire with his intellect, kindness, and wisdom."

Stephen Sireci made a contribution in honor of Ronald Hambleton
"Ron has mentored me for over 20 years, and countless others, too.
One of the best psychometricians of all time.

A. Corinne Huggins-Manley and Allison Boykin made contributions in honor of Randy Penfield

From A. Corinne Huggins-Manley:
Dr. Penfield advanced my career and research trajectories in so many ways, and almost a decade later I can still feel his positive influence on my perspectives on educational measurement.

From Allison Boykin:
"Thank you for being a wonderful mentor throughout my young career. I look forward to learning from you for many more years. "

Molly Faulkner-Bond made a contribution in honor of Stephen Sireci
"Steve is a dedicated and tireless mentor, not only to his graduate advisees, but to all students in the UMass REMP program, and to students and early career scholars throughout the field. I still call him for advice sometimes, and I know he will take the call and help me think things through."

Stephen Sireci made a contribution in honor of David Thissen
"Dave has been an incredibly generous teacher and mentor throughout his career. I learned IRT through him and Multilog. One of the brightest and most creative problem solvers in the history of psychometrics."

Stephen Sireci made a contribution in honor of Howard Wainer
Howard has been a mentor to so many of us through his writings, and to me personally for over 20 years! One of the most influential Psychometricians of our time.