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Fundamentals of classroom assessment

Check out this NCME video on the Fundamentals of Classroom Assessment.

Assessment development bibliography

Resources for Assessment Development: A Bibliography for the Assessment Community (2010) was prepared by Ian Hembry and Anthony Fina at the University of Iowa under the direction of Cathy Welch. This annotated bibliography provides resources related to current methods of test development; it is not meant to be exhaustive but instead representative of a wide variety of resources.

Score reporting bibliography

Resources for Reporting Test Scores: A Bibliography for the Assessment Community (2009) was developed by Nina Deng and Hanwook Yoo under the direction of Ronald Hambleton and April Zenisky at the Center for Educational Assessment, University of Massachusetts Amherst. This annotated bibliography briefly describes journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports and documents that can be used to inform score reporting practices in a variety of testing contexts.

Code of fair testing

Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education was initially developed by the Joint Committee on Testing Practices in 1988 as a statement of the primary obligations that professionals who develop or use educational tests have toward test takers. The Code has been revised to be consistent with the 1999 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The Code provides guidance to professionals who develop or use educational tests.

NCME timeline

View the NCME Timeline to learn about NCME/Educational Policy Milestones between 1938 and 2013.

Publications Guidebook

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