Graduate Student Issues

Graduate Student Issues Committee

Who are we?

The Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) operates as a dedicated committee under the auspices of the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME), with the primary mandate of serving the interests of graduate student members within the organization and enhancing their experience during the Annual Meeting. The GSIC is constituted by a well-structured assembly comprising a Chair, a Co-Chair, a Board Liaison, student members, faculty members, and an open-ended pool of volunteer students. This collective assembles monthly. Our primary objective is to elevate the prominence of GSIC within the NCME framework, aligning our efforts with the overarching mission of the organization.


Subcommittees (Teams)


Student Opportunities Team

This team is responsible for curating and updating information related to internships, externships, and fellowships on the NCME website. They ensure that students have access to current opportunities in the field of educational measurement.

GSIC Calendar Management Team

This team's primary goal is to maintain an up-to-date calendar on the website, incorporating new activities and events, such as brown bag sessions and other relevant activities organized by the GSIC, to keep members informed of opportunities.

Annual Meeting GSIC Poster Session Team

This team is tasked with the organization and coordination of the GSIC-sponsored poster session at the NCME Annual Meeting. They oversee all aspects of planning and execution to ensure a successful event.

Professional Development / Brown Bag Webinars Team

This team collaborates with graduate student members to identify topics of interest, recruit academic experts with expertise in the selected areas, and orchestrate virtual brown bag webinars. Their aim is to provide professional development opportunities to GSIC members through informative sessions.

Social Media Team

This team manages the GSIC's presence on social media platforms, including Twitter (X) and LinkedIn. They are responsible for creating and sharing content that engages the committee's audience and promotes its activities and initiatives.

Community Engagement Team

This team focuses on organizing events and initiatives aimed at fostering a sense of community among graduate students and early career professionals within the educational measurement field. Their efforts aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment.

Career Paths Podcast Team

This team is responsible for producing a series of podcast episodes featuring interviews with young professionals who discuss their career path choices within the field of educational measurement. The podcast format allows for an in-depth exploration of career journeys, providing valuable insights to GSIC members.

How You Can Participate

Participation in the Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) provides a unique opportunity to establish close working relationships with esteemed faculty members and engage with a dynamic cohort of graduate students representing diverse backgrounds and interests in educational measurement. The collaborative nature of GSIC initiatives cultivates essential leadership skills as members collaborate on various tasks and projects, enhancing their capacity to work effectively in group settings that have a wide-reaching impact. Such professional interaction is a significant asset to all participating individuals, fostering personal, academic, and professional growth. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer student member or campus liaison, please contact Janine Jackson at or Catherina Villafuerte at for more information.

How to become a student or a volunteer member?

To become part of the GSIC as a Student Member or volunteer, click here.

Benefits of participating in the GSIC

As a GSIC student or volunteer member, you have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members as well as a cohort of graduate students with diverse backgrounds and interests, which is professionally beneficial for all participating students. Working in different tasks in collaboration with other members is fundamental to acquiring teamwork skills.

Contact Us

Email the GSIC chair, Janine Jackson (, or co-chair, Catherina Villafuerte for more information.


Janine Jackson, Chair
Catherina Villafuerte, Co-Chair
Brian Leventhal, Faculty Member
Hongli Li, Faculty Member
Ahmed Bediwy, Student Member
Tavia Flowers, Student Member
Montserrat Valdivia Medinaceli, Student Member
Nicolas Mireles, Student Member
Jeneve Swaby, Volunteer Student 
Malitsitso Moteane, Volunteer Student (AERA Division D Liaison)