Graduate Student Issues

Graduate Student Issues Committee

Who are we?

The Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) is the Committee within NCME responsible for graduate students members at NCME and their experience during the annual Conference. We focus on advancing the role of GSIC to meet students’ needs in line with the mission of NCME. The GSIC is composed of a chair, a co-chair, a board liaison, four student members, three faculty members, and an unlimited maximum of volunteer students. All GISC members meet monthly to discuss achieved progress for each subcommittee and assign new tasks that should be completed before next meetings.

GSIC Team Structure (Subcommittees) and Assigned Tasks, Period May 2022- April 2023.

Tasks Description Members
Internships The goal of this team is to maintain the information available in the NCME website for internships, externships and fellowships. Sergio Araneda, Haeju Lee
Website Information for Students The goal of this team is to update the website page including new activities and events (e.g., brown bag)  Mohammed Abulela, Ahmed Bediwy
GSIC Poster Session The goal of this team is to organize the poster session sponsored by the GSIC at the NCME conference. Janine Jackson, Tavia Flowers
Brown bag Sessions The goal of this team is to consult with grad student members about topics of interest, reclute academics who have largely worked on the selected topics, and organize the virtual brown bag sessions. Montserrat Valdivia Medinaceli, Rong Zhang, Hongli Li
Social Media The goal of this team is to manage the social media accounts of the committee (Twitter and potentially LinkedIn). Lizzy Wu, Nicolas Mireles
Standards Study Group/
Statement new Standards
The goal of this team is to report about the group of students writing a statement about the new Standards. Sergio Araneda, Olumuyiwa Moses Desmennu, Brian Leventhal
Community building The goal of this team is to organize events that can build a sense of community among graduate students. Janine Jackson, Catherina Villafuerte
Podcast career paths The goal of this team is to produce a series of interviews with young professionals about career path choices, in the format of a podcast. Ahmed Bediwy, Sergio Araneda, Haeju Lee, Tavia Flowers, Chunhua Cao
Writing circle The goal of this team is to provide a virtual space for accountability to work in our own graduate research together.  Montserrat Valdivia Medinaceli, Catherina Villafuerte

How to become a student or a volunteer member?

Fill the following form to become part of the GSIC as a Student Member of Volunteer.

Benefits of participating in the GSIC

As a GSIC student or volunteer member, you have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members as well as a cohort of graduate students with diverse backgrounds and interests, which is professionally beneficial for all participating students. Working in different tasks in collaboration with other members is fundamental to acquiring teamwork skills.

Important Links

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Contact us

Email chair and co-chair of the committee, or


Janine Jackson, Chair
Sergio Araneda Galarce
, Member
Mohammed Abulela, Student Member
Lizzy Wu, Student Member
Catherina Villafuerte, Student Member
Montserrat Valdivia Medinaceli, Student Member
Hongli Li, Faculty Member
Chunhua Cao, Faculty Member
Brian Leventhal, Faculty Member

Haeju Lee, Volunteer Student
Ahmed Bediwy, Volunteer Student
Tavia Flowers, Volunteer Student
Rong Zhang, Volunteer Student
Nicolas Mireles, Volunteer Student
Olumuyiwa Moses Desmennu, Volunteer Student