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~Proposals Due October 28, 2022~

Host The Summer/Fall 2023 NCME Special
Conference on Classroom Assessment

The NCME Special Conference on Classroom Assessment was held in 2017 and 2018 (University of Kansas), 2019 (University of Colorado, Boulder), and 2021 (UVA & VCU). Now that it is an established event, the Classroom Assessment Committee has decided to hold it every second year, so now we are seeking proposals to host the conference in 2023.

Given the success of the 2021 fully virtual conference we would like those responding to this call to consider a hybrid event so presenters and attendees could participate in person for part of or all of the sessions, but could also participate virtually. Those proposing should decide whether every session should work regardless of the circumstances, or selected sessions. In order for this to happen effectively the organizer needs to describe how they will ensure this degree of flexibility.

If you have questions about this call for proposals, please reach out to Ethan Gray (egray@TALLEY.COM) who will share questions with the Committee.

If you are interested in hosting the 2023 NCME Special Conference on Classroom Assessment, please submit a proposal by answering the questions below. Send your proposal to egray@TALLEY.COM by October 28, 2022. The committee will determine a short list of finalists and follow up with any additional questions. We plan to make a final decision during November.  

Note that the following questions are set for a face-to-face conference with a virtual component.

Conference Overview

  1. Why do you want to host the conference, and what are the advantages of the proposed location (physical and virtual)? Give a big-picture overview of why NCME should have the conference at your proposed location. (No more than 400 words.)
  2. What do you propose as a theme of the conference? Give a one-sentence statement of the theme and then describe why you think that is the right theme for the conference. (No more than 400 words.)
  3. How would you integrate perspectives from researchers and practitioners? (No more than 400 words)
  4. Describe the nature of sessions that you would include in a call. For example, how are you thinking about plenaries, posters, paper sessions, symposia or alternative formats?
  5. Our objective for this conference is to meet the needs of researchers and practitioners together, and to support learning from each other. How will you facilitate this objective?

Personnel Experience

  1. Who are the classroom assessment experts within your organization and/or planning group who would be engaged with planning and holding the conference? It is recommended that K-12 personnel be included. Provide brief bios of up to five people. (No more than 200 words per person.)
  2. Who would help with the local organization? Give the names and affiliations of at least three individuals who would serve on the local organizing committee, indicating their available time and any previous experience organizing a conference. State whether you intend to use a conference service organization, and if so, any information about that organization.
  3. Briefly describe your experiences and facilities to host online events. List services and costs for onsite and off-site participants.


  • Do you have the following meeting rooms, either within one building or in several buildings close together? Give the distance between buildings, internet access, when rooms have to be reserved, and any cost associated with cancellation. Indicate any potential concerns, such as construction at the conference site.
    • one plenary room for about 350 people
    • multiple breakout rooms, each holding at least 50 people 
    • multiple lecture rooms for up to 70 people
    • space for reception for up to 350 people
    • space for breaks between sessions
    • space for poster session (about 60–100 posters)
    • space and options for meals
  • What are the venue, travel options, and location amenities? Provide the name and a short description of the conference site. Give the nearest airport(s) and travel options, with approximate costs and distances from airport(s) to the conference site. 
  • Is there hotel accommodation within walking distance (or easy public transport) of the conference site for up to 350 people? List hotels and any low-cost options for students, approximate rates, numbers of rooms, and the distance and travel options to the conference site.
  • How will you consider what online platform you will use? Would you have onsite options or would you want to use the NCME platform?
  • What are the estimated costs of the conference?
    • What is the approximate cost of meeting rooms?
    • What is the nature of technical and managerial support, and what is the approximate cost?
    • If you have the support of conference services, what services do they provide and at what cost?
    • What are the estimated costs, per person, of the following?
      • one lunch per day
      • two coffee breaks per day
      • welcome reception
    • What is the estimated total cost of the conference for 350 participants?
    • What are the estimated registration fees? (Keeping in mind that our goal is to maintain a small surplus that can be used to support future Professional Days of Learning at the annual conference).