Other Committees

Committee Description Members
Annual Meeting Committee
This committee is responsible for planning and organizing the Annual Meeting Program.

Jonathan Weeks, Co-Chair
Adam Wyse, Co-Chair

Archives Committee
This committee is responsible for developing and implementing a policy and plan for the NCME Archive. The primary purpose of the Archive is to hold information for extended periods of time, which is of historical interest and is not needed for daily business. The archives will emphasize electronic materials; physical artifacts and documents will also be maintained. The electronic and physical archives should consist of a storage and access system that will provide reasonable assurance that NCME’s institutional records will be available and retrievable for as long as desired. The committee will develop, maintain, update, and implement the NCME Archive in conjunction with the Website and other committees under Board supervision.
Stephen Sireci, Chair
Gerunda Hughes, Member
Neal Kingston, Member
Won-Chan Lee, Member
Paul Newton, Member
Linette Ross, Member
Sanford Student, Student Member
Budget & Finance Committee
This committee is responsible for monitoring NCME budgets, finances, and investments.
Marc Kroopnick, Chair

Elena Diaz-Bilello, Member
Sonya Powers, Member
David Rutkowski, Member
Kun Yuan, Member

Membership Committee
This committee is responsible for monitoring NCME membership and adding value to membership by supporting projects aimed at retaining and recognizing members.

Yi-Fang Wu, Chair
Shalini Kapoor, Member
Jasmine Kara, Member
Katherine Reynolds, Member
Oluwaseun Farotimi, Student Member

Nominations & Elections Committee
This committee is responsible for preparing the slate of candidates for the yearly election of two new Board of Directors and the new Vice President.

Deborah Harris, Chair
Terry Ackerman, Member
Gregory Cizek, Member

Publications Committee
This committee is responsible for providing oversight for all NCME publications. Activities of this committee include evaluating and improving existing procedures and policies, coordinating searches for new editors, and initiating proposals for new publications.
Jerome Clauser, Co-Chair
Kim Colvin, Co-Chair
Okan Bulut, Member
Qiwei He, Member
NooRee Huh, Member
Jinghua Liu, Member
Michael Peabody, Member
Sarah Ibrahim Alahmadi, Student Member
Social Media Committee
This committee is responsible for developing social media policies and practice, creating and managing a strong NCME messaging and promotion on social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; auditing social media engagement, and making necessary revisions to the NCME presence to the NCME social media platforms.

Luz Bay, Chair
Cassie Chen, Member
Liam Duffy, Member
Yuan Ge, Member
Kylie Gorney, Member
Pamela Kaliski, Member
YoungKoung Kim, Member

Training & Professional Development Committee
This committee is responsible for planning and organizing training sessions for the Annual Meeting, as well as at other times and for other conferences, on an as-needed basis.
Wesley Bonifay, Co-Chair
Ji Seung Yang, Co-Chair
Website Committee
The NCME Website Committee is responsible for the development, maintenance, and occasional redesigns of www.ncme.org. The NCME website is the primary avenue through which NCME communicates with its members. The website disseminates information and news about NCME, its membership, and its activities to NCME members and other interested parties. It also provides professional standards, and access to literature about educational measurement theory and practice, and information about educational measurement as a profession and current employment opportunities in the field.
Nathan Dadey, Chair
Erin Banjanovic, Member
Luciana Cancado, Member
Yu Fang, Member
Cheng Hua, Member
Darin Kelberlau, Member
Jing Miao, Member
Ray Reichenberg, Member
Sarah Hammami, Student Member

About the Other Committees

A number of additional committees exist that help to support the internal operations of NCME. A brief description of each committee and a list of the committee members is provided below.