Upcoming Meeting

2023 Meeting - Chicago, IL

April 12-15, 2023

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) Annual Meeting will take place April 12-15, with April 12 as the in-person training day. There will also be virtual presentations and training sessions that are being planned for the Week of March 27, 2023. 

Theme: Leveraging Measurement for Better Decisions

We do measurement for a reason, and we believe that reason is to collect data to inform decisions. Decisions that consider data from good measurement practices are better decisions than those that do not. Many aspects of measurement are under attack right now. Some criticisms seem justified; some do not. We do need to improve our processes and tools. But we also need to be advocates for the appropriate use and application of the tools of our profession. We can make using measurement and assessment data ‘cool’ again. And we should. How can we do this? By making improvements in our processes and products, by communicating more effectively how data can be a force for good, by ensuring our use of data is a force for good, by being more collaborative both within and outside NCME, and by continuing to challenge, prod, encourage, question and listen to each other.

Program Chairs: Dongmei Li, Wei Tao, and Alexis Oakley

Training & Professional Development Chairs: Qing Yi, Nathan Wall, and Alfonso Martinez

To contact chairs, please email NCMEProgramChairs@talley.com.

Please check back periodically — additional information will be added as it is available.

Submit a Proposal or Volunteer for the 2023 Annual Meeting

The 2023 Proposal Submission Portal is now open for both in-person and virtual sessions! Please submit your research or volunteer to be a discussant, a chair, and/or a reviewer.

All the virtual sessions and at least some of the in-person sessions will be recorded so that attendees can watch if they are not able to attend. When you first log into the submission system, you will be asked to give permission for your presentations to be recorded and made available for a period of time on the 2023 NCME conference site.

Proposal Submission Deadline: August 29, 2022
Maximum Presenting Role for Each Participant: 3
Proposal Format and Word Limits:

Proposal Formats Word Limits
Title Abstract Summary Schedule
Individual Paper Presentations 12 50 800 --
Innovation Demonstrations  12 50 500 --
Coordinated Paper Sessions 12 200 1600 --
Organized Discussions  12 200 800 --
Training Sessions  12 200 500 500

For more information about the proposal submission guidelines, review criteria, or general conference rules, please see the links on the right.