About Formative



Heidi L. Andrade and Susan M. Brookhart

(handrade@albany.edu) (brookhart@duq.edu)

Editorial Policy
The editors encourage submissions of formative assessment practices for potential inclusion in the FACT collection, using the contribution form accessed from the contribution button on the FACT home page. You do not need to be an NCME member to submit. The editors will review each submission against the Review Criteria listed below. They may consult with members of the NCME Classroom Assessment Task Force or other reviewers. Contributors will be notified about the editorial decision for their submissions: accept, revise, or reject, similar to a journal review process.

Review Criteria for Submissions
The formative assessment practice is:
• Easily applied (either a brief description or a download that can be easily incorporated into lesson plans) – “grab and go”
• If used as described, likely to yield assessment information that is useful for both teachers and students
• Appropriate both developmentally for the grade levels suggested and in terms of learning science
• An original design, or open-source, or permissioned and cited

Purpose of the FACT Website
To be a curated resource bank that:
• Provides teachers with formative assessment practices that can be plugged into any curriculum and instruction
• Is available in easy-to-use form, for free, to anyone
• With the ultimate aim of increasing the use of formative assessment in classroom learning